About Visual Design Workshop Scandinavia | 3D Visualization Company

Who are Visual Design Workshop Scandinavia?

Visual Design Workshop Scandinavia is a small individual company based in Gothenburg, Sweden!

It’s a creative 3D visualization company focusing on 3D Modeling, 3D Concept Design, 3D Product Visualization, 3D Costume Design, Automotive Visualization, and 3D Animation.

The services are aimed at advertising, film, and the toy industry. Visual Design Workshop Scandinavia has been around since 2015. We don’t use #NOAI here.


The 3D visualization company is run by Felipe Chamorro, who is a 3D Generalist from the beginning with a specialization in Hard surface design and modeling. He also loves to do look development and lighting, as well as write articles.


Contact Visual Design Workshop Scandinavia, a 3D Visualization Company in Gothenburg, Sweden at any time at the following email address: Info@visualdesignworkshop.se

3D Costume Design, 3D Conceptual Design, 3D Animation, 3D Automotive Visualization, 3D Product Visualization, 3D Visualization in general.