Livery design for 3D Automobile Visualizations

So what is a Livery design?

It’s a racing car paint scheme and sticker design used in motorsport, on vehicles. The main goal is to attract sponsorship and to advertise sponsors. Also to identify vehicles as belonging to a specific racing team.


So, after doing the UV map. It’s time to continue trying to get inspiration from real-world Livery designs. One place to check out livery design is on Pinterest. After that, it’s time, in our case we will continue working in Blender. We will Texture Paint in Blender and make the main decals and sponsor decals in Affinity Designer. We will start to make some color variations and see what the overall look will look like.

After nailing down the specifics. You start to create the sponsor decals and the overall design.

The result should be something like this. Livery design for 3D Automobile Visualizations.

Now we add a nice-looking ground plane.

Finally, you could use your artwork to compose it with a backplate.

With Environment

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